The essence of Lichens

D'où vient le nom Lichens ?
Film Lichens seen up close

Our history

This incident inspired a PhD work: “the reduction in attenuation introduced by energy-efficient glazing”, led by Alejandro Niembro in collaboration with the Paper Technical Center, IMEP-LAHC and LCIS. The PhD, defended in 2017, focused on the development of flexible printable supports for filtering and adapting electromagnetic waves.

Under the supervision of Tan-Phu Vuong, Professor at INPG, our project was selected by SATT Linksium Grenoble Alpes for a maturation of 15 months. This phase resulted in the filing of a patent, underlining the unique and innovative nature of our solution.

In 2019, the project entered an incubation phase. Our startup aims to improve mobile connectivity in spaces where it is limited, such as buildings with reinforced thermal insulation glazing. Our solution, an adhesive film with conductive patterns, improves wave transmission and thus ensures better connectivity inside buildings.

On March 18, 2021, Lichens was created, continuing the research and development that had begun. Our mission is to facilitate access to telecommunications everywhere and for everyone, by responding to a modern challenge: reconciling thermal insulation and digital connectivity.

Recognition of the Deeptech project, obtaining the French Tech Emergence grant.

Winner of the R&D Booster competition in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Obtaining the status of an innovative young company.

Integration into Orange's 5G acceleration program.

In April 2014, the story of Lichens began with a surprising discovery at the Paper Technical Center in Grenoble. The IMEP team, meeting for an important academic review, faced a major problem: the total absence of a mobile signal in the new building.

This experience highlighted a little-known but critical problem: the unintended Faraday cage effect of modern buildings, due in particular to the metal oxide layer of energy-efficient windows, which strongly attenuates radio waves.

Our values


We place professionalism at the heart of our business, we are committed to offering cutting-edge solutions to improve mobile connectivity inside buildings. Our team is made up of dedicated and qualified professionals who are experts in our field. We continuously strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, from design to manufacturing, to ensure top quality products and meet the specific needs of our customers.


Perseverance is the driving force behind our business. Our commitment to persistence is reflected in the relentless search for new ways to improve mobile reception inside buildings. We are proud of our ability to meet technical challenges and provide solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.


Respect is the central element of Lichens, whether it is respect for others, or for their environment. The preservation of our planet is at the heart of our concerns. As a responsible company, we actively incorporate environmentally friendly practices into all facets of our business. Choosing our passive adhesive films means opting for an advanced technological solution while avoiding additional energy consumption.

The team

Olivier Vandermoten, co-founder of Lichens
Olivier Vandermoten
CEO & co-founder
François Vincent, co-founder of Lichens
François Vincent
CTO & co-founder
Dr. Rana Berro, R&D engineer at Lichens
Dr. Rana Berro
R&D engineer
Dr. Clément Pornin, R&D engineer at Lichens
Dr. Clement Pornin
R&D engineer
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