Improve mobile reception in your offices

At Lichens, we have innovated a cutting-edge adhesive film designed to enhance mobile reception within your office spaces. This advanced film features intricate conductive patterns that effectively boost signal strength. It is specifically engineered for effortless application directly onto your windows, ensuring seamless integration.

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How does it work?

Comment Lichens fonctionne ?

Our solution

Reinforced thermal insulation windows are widely used in recent constructions. Their metallic coating attenuates mobile reception, causing poor communications or even preventing calls. The Lichens solution is an adhesive film printed with conducting patterns, applied on windows.

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Diagram of a window and the elements that may or may not pass through it
Glass to which the Lichens solution is applied in order to improve mobile reception
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Affordable solution

The Lichens solution is affordable and does not generate additional energy costs.

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Transparency maintained

The transparent film allows you to maintain maximum luminosity in your spaces.

The benefits of Lichens

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Improving the reception

Enhancing indoor mobile reception and  communication quality.

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Adapts to all windows

Lichens film is suitable for all types of windows with reinforced thermal insulation.

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Easy installation and removability

The film is easy to install. It is completely removable and can be kept for 5 years.

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Respect for the environment

Environmental stewardship: Maintains thermal  properties with minimal ecological footprint.

Our team

Meet our passionate team and discover the history of Lichens, our vision and our values.

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